Nouvelle Visages

1.Liquid facial soap for normal skin34.0040.00
2.Liquid facial soap for acne and pimple skin30.0035.00
3.Facial soap (black soap bar)43.0050.00
4.Medicated soap bar43.0050.00 soap bar43.0050.00
6.toner lotion A56.0065.00
7.toner lotion B51.0060.00
8.normal skin toner26.0030.00
9.acne and pimple lotion / compressor30.0035.00
10.sensative skin toner26.0030.00 and night cream51.0060.00 cream51.0060.00
13.nv cream58.0070.00
14.nv scrub25.0030.00
15.nv foundation 3 in 167.0080.00
16.cleansing gel30.0035.00
18.eye makeup remover16.0018.30
19.nv masker oily42.0050.00
20.nv masker normal34.0040.00
21.nv collagen76.0090.00
22.Set Percubaan NV - 6 dalam 1 (black soap, sensitive skin toner 60ml, Toner lotion B- 15 ml, cleansing milk 60ml, day cream,day & night cream)115.00130.00
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